Appoptix Review: Scam Or Legitimate Way To Make Money?

appoptix review is it a scamAppoptix is an app available on Android phones only. I decided to write this Appoptix Review because there’s not much information out there on how it actually works and how much you’ll get paid to run this app on your Android device.

From what I can see Appoptix is not a scam, it’s a legitimate way to make money on your device and once you’ve set up the app, you can earn money forever.

There’s some complaints I have with this app, but overall it’s a pretty easy way to earn some passive income on your mobile device.

Appoptix Review

App: Appoptix

Type: Tracking 

Available: Android Only

Score: 3.5/5

In this Appoptix Review I gave them a pretty good score, but I do have some concerns and complaints with this app. Most of them having to do with privacy, but some people will not care about that.

It seems to pay pretty good and the app store reviews are pretty much positive, so I have to say this app is a good download as long as your okay giving some access to the app for tracking.

Overall, it’s an easy way to earn some passive income with your smartphone.

How Does The Appoptix App Work

Download The App

The first step is to download the app inside the Google Play Store. Most users can just download the app, but some older smart phone might need to give permission for the app to track what’s going on. If you do, they have detailed instructions on how to do so. Once you sign up on the app you’ll get an email confirmation.

Fill Out Your Profile

Inside the settings on your phone you’ll have a profile to fill out. It says that you need to have your profile filled out completely before you’ll earn any points for having the app on your phone. It does say you’ll earn 100 points for filling out your profile, so you’ll be on your way to your first Amazon cash out!

Keep The App Installed And Earn Points

Each week you’ll earn 100 points for having the app installed on your phone tracking your app usage. Once you’ve earned 300 points you can exchange your points for Amazon gift cards!

How Much Does Appoptix Pay?

It took me forever to find this information, but I think I finally found the correct payment plan. You’ll earn 100 points for downloading the app and completing your profile in the settings. You’ll earn an additional 100 points every week you keep the Appoptix app installed and running.

It says that you can exchange 300 points for a $10 Amazon Gift Card. So you should be able to get paid within 2 weeks of downloading this app.

There’s a $50 a year earning limit, meaning that after 14 weeks of having the app installed (plus the 100 points for joining) you won’t earn any more money for the year.

Appoptix Complaints

Privacy Concerns

The biggest complaint I have with this app is the privacy concerns, and most likely it will turn a few people away from this app. Luckily Appoptix was upfront on exactly what they track and share with others.

Here’s what information will be collected:

  • Apps downloaded on the device
  • Launch periods of apps
  • Time stamp of using the app
  • Specifications of your device
  • Battery and network performance
  • Location of Device (GPS)

It says that they don’t track anything that you do inside apps, phone calls, or texts. But there’s still a long list of things you’ll be giving out for having this installed on your phone.

Earnings Limit

This kinda sucks, Appoptix does put a limit on your earnings of $50 a year. Now that’s still a good income from an app that you download once and let it run in the background, but it does suck that you could earn more with this app if there wasn’t a limit.

Possible Extra Charges

With a similar app on my iPhone, I accumulated a ton of extra charges because it was using data the whole time I had my phone on. Let me make it clear that I’ve not heard any complaints about Appoptix doing this, but it’s something to think about.

Appoptix is running in the background all the time. It could use data and run up your phone bill if you have a limited plan.

Is Appoptix A Scam?

Appoptix is not a scam, it’s a completely legitimate way to make money on your Android Smartphone. With that being said, there’s some privacy issues that may concern some people. It seems that most of the reviews in the app store are positive and they say that the app doesn’t interfere with any other apps on your phone.

The pay is honestly pretty good, so it may not be a bad app to try if you have an Android device. To learn more or to join visit the app in the Google Play Store.

I take privacy concerns to heart, so if you’re like me here’s some awesome apps that I highly recommend, you won’t have to worry about them tracking your activity either!

Do you think Appoptix is a scam?

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Martina - December 15, 2015 Reply

I don’t think Appoptix is a scam but it’s not something I would use because I don’t like the earnings cap and I wouldn’t want to have it running in the background all the time. I think it would be good for some people who want to earn a little extra money and don’t mind having the app running a lot.

    Brok - December 15, 2015 Reply

    Hey Martina, thanks for weighing in on my Appoptix Review. I agree that the earnings cap sucks and that I wouldn’t want the app running in the background. Like you said, it’s for some people, but others will not like the idea of the app.


fmwaniki - December 15, 2015 Reply

Hello there Broke,i must say landing in to your page was a blessing.I was not sure if there were any ‘legit’ applications i could utilize on my phone and get paid.I have once landed in to scam where by you are told to read news to get paid and i felt bad.What i would ask is,at what % would you rate your reviewed ways?I am just so keen because i would not want to waste my time and energy any more.Kindly send me a PM to answer this and i will appreciate.

    Brok - December 15, 2015 Reply

    Hey there, thanks for the comment. Personally I don’t really recommend Appoptix. If you’re looking to make money with your smartphone I recommend these apps.

    Appoptix tracks your app usage in the background, which I’m not really a fan of, but all of the other apps I recommend don’t do this.

    Hope this helps,


Win Back Your Ex Comments - March 9, 2016 Reply

Hi, I can understand the attraction for having this if you indeed plan to spend your Amazon Gift Cards for a product you have your eye on.

But is there not a way to claim this reward in cash too?

How are these people benefiting by just someone having the app on their phone?

There must be something in it for them too

Interesting post.. and something I may consider!

Thanks 🙂


    Brok - March 10, 2016 Reply

    Hey Chris thank you for checking out my review of the Appoptix app.

    The app does track information about your phone and app usage so that’s what they’re looking for and the reason they can pay you.

    Not a bad app to try as long as you’re okay with the privacy concerns.


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