ADLove App Review: Scam Or Easy Cash?

adlove app review is it a scam I recently came across an awesome app called ADLove. The ADLove App lets you watch ads and rate them to earn points that you can exchange for rewards.

The ADLove app is very new, so there’s a lot of people asking if this app is a scam or an easy way to make some extra cash.

I decided to write an ADLove review to see exactly how to earn, what rewards are available, and if this app is a scam or a legitimate way to earn some extra cash on your smartphone.

ADLove App Review

App: ADLove

Type: View Ads

Score: 3.5/5

In this ADLove App Review I gave them a good score, but please know this won’t be a huge income. You’ll be earning 50 points an ad and will need 10,000 to earn $1.

If you go in knowing that you won’t make much and that you should just use this to make some spare cash in your free time you’ll enjoy this app.

Overall it’s a pretty fun app to use. I’ve ran across some ads that I’ve never seen before that are really good and funny. Just know you’ll need to enjoy watching these ads to make it worth while.

How To Earn At ADLove

There’s a few different categories of ads, which I explain below, but most ads are around 30 seconds long and pay you 50 points for watching and rating them out of 5 stars.

Rate Ads

The main way to earn points is by using the app to find the ad your’re currently watching. This can come from an ad from TV, YouTube, or any other site that shows ads.

If the app has it in its system it will bring up the ad and let you rate it. You’ll earn 50 points for every ad that you watch and rate.

AdLove APp Review AdsBonus Ads

With this method you do not need to be watching ads on another device. You’ll see a list of ads that you can watch and sometimes some bonus videos that pay more points.

Just like the Rate Ads, you’ll watch the ad and rate it from 1-5 stars. After you’ll earn 50 points for your time.

Best Ads

Similar to Bonus Ads, but these are the highest and lowest rated ads. You can click on any of the ads, watch the full ad, and rate it. You’ll also earn 50 points for rating these ads.

ADLove App Rewards

AdLove APp Review RewardsADLove has a few ways to get paid at this time, including an Amazon, Tango, Chipotle, Macy’s, Best Buy, Nike, Domino’s, Facebook, and Walmart Gift Cards.

All gift cards, except Amazon start at $5 or 50,000 points. Amazon gift cards start at $.50 for 5,500 points or $1 for 10,000 points.

You can also choose to donate your earnings to a few different charities.

Gift Cards are delivered within 48 hours of cashing out.

ADLove App Complaints

Small Income

When rating ads you’ll earn 50 points per ad. To earn $1 you’ll need 10,000 points, so you’ll need to rate a ton of ads to earn $1.

Really I don’t feel like rating ads and getting paid $.005 per each is really worth it, but if you have some time to kill this can be a fun way to earn a bit of extra cash.

App Has Issues

I’ve used the app a bit and have not had any issues, but if you check out the app store reviews there’s quiet a few people saying that they’ve run into problems and the app stopped working at some points.

From what I’ve seen most people who contacted support got a quick reply and had the problem resolved, but the app is still new so you may run into a few issues as you watch and rate ads.

Is the ADLove App A Scam?

The ADLove App is not a scam, but it’s not going to make you much money. For a new app, it’s honestly really good, but you’ll never be able to make a good amount of cash just by viewing ads and rating them.

As long as you know you’ll need to watch and rate 200 ads to earn $1 you should be happy with this app. I’ve used it a bit and it’s actually pretty entertaining.

If you’d like to learn more or to join you can visit

Don’t want to make $.005 per ad you watch? Take a look at some of the other apps I recommend that pay much more!

Have you used ADLove? Have proof it’s a scam?

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