The Drop App Review: Is Earn With Drop Legit?

Drop is a new app that’s available in the US and CA that automatically gives you cash back when shopping at participating stores.

I figured I’d write a review to show you how it works and provide proof that they actually pay!

The first thing to mention is, you’ll need to link a debit/credit card to earn cash back. Once you link a card, Drop automatically detects your purchase and gives you cash back.

If you’re not comfortable with this method, I recommend skipping this opportunity. If you’re okay with it, I highly recommend taking advantage of the Drop app!

In this Drop App Review, I’ll cover how it works, what stores you can earn cash back at, the rewards, and if Drop is a scam or legitimate way to earn money!

Drop App Review

drop app review is it a scam or legitimateApp: Drop

Type: Cash Back

Verdict: Legitimate

In this Drop app review, I marked them legitimate. I have to say that I really like this app and how passive it is. All you need to do is spend 5-10 minutes signing up and link a card; then you automatically earn cash back!

They have a wide variety of stores available, and new offers are added each week. As long as you’re comfortable linking a card, I highly recommend taking advantage of Drop.

How Does Drop Work?

1) Sign Up For Free & Earn $1

The first step is to download and sign-up for Drop. You can do so by visiting or by downloading the app and entering the code:  1dei0. You’ll earn a $1 sign-up bonus for joining and additional bonuses once you link your cards.

2) Link A Debit/Credit Card

Once you’re inside the app, you’ll need to link a debit/credit card. Drop automatically detects purchases, so it’s required to earn with the Drop app.

All you need to do is find your bank or credit card company and log in to link your card.

Once you link a card, you’ll earn an additional $1 sign up bonus and can earn another $2 bonus if you link two cards.

3) Accept Offers

I’ll cover the participating stores in more detail later, but you’ll need to accept the store offers before you can earn cash back.

This only takes a few minutes to do, and you can choose places like Walmart, Target, McDonald’s, Uber, and several others.

Most stores pay 5-20 points per $1 spent.

4) Shop Normally & Earn

Once you accept offers on Drop, all you need to do is make purchases at participating stores with the card you linked to Drop. Once you do, Drop automatically detects the purchase and adds your cash back to your account.

As mentioned, once you link a card it’s pretty much a passive process taken care of by Drop.

5) Ways To Earn More

There’re ways to earn more with Drop like the referral program and bonuses. Bonuses you’ll naturally complete when you link a card, make your first purchase, and do things like following them on social media. Bonuses can pay $.10-$2.

You can also earn by referring friends. You’ll earn $1 for every friend that joins and links a debit/credit card.

6) Cash Out Gift Cards

I’ll cover the available gift cards later, but you can cash out starting at $5. Gift card codes show up in your email within a few minutes of cashing out!

What Stores Are Available?

New stores are added all the time, so this list might get a bit outdated, but you can visit to see the full list.

At this time, so of the participating stores include Mcdonald’s, Uber, Walgreens, Walmart, Target, Sam’s Club, Jet, HP, NatureBox, and several others.

Drop App Rewards

Drop has several gift card options available starting at $5. Here’s a list of what’s available. At this time, no cash payment.

Aerie, Starbucks, Old Navy, Dunkin’ Donuts, iTunes, Amazon, American Eagle, Gap, Nordstrom, Groupon, AMC, Banana Republic, Whole Foods, Barns & Noble, Applebee’s, Apple, JC Penney,, Best Buy, and American Airlines.

I’ve been paid a few times and received the email with gift card code a few minutes after cashing out. You can see proof of this below!

Drop App Payment Proof

As mentioned, I’ve been using the Drop app for several months now, so I’ve cashed out a few rewards. Here’s proof of a $10 Amazon gift card I recently cashed out. I received an email with the code within a few minutes of cashing out!

drop app payment proof

Join Drop For Free!

Drop App Complaints

Linking A Card

My favorite part of Drop is it’s all automatic, but to do that you need to link a debit/credit card. I know that some people will be uncomfortable with it, so my advice is just to skip this app.

They talk about all of their encryption, but who really knows what that means. lol

I can say that I’ve used the app for several months now and have not had any issues.

Is the Drop App A Scam?

The Drop app is not a scam, I’ve been using the app for a few months now and have reached the cashout amount a few times.

It takes about 5 minutes to sign up and then you can forget about it and earn cash back automatically. My only complaint is there are no cash rewards, but hopefully, they will eventually add some.

If you’d like to learn more or to join, visit to get signed up! You can also just download the app and enter the code: 1dei0  to earn a $1 sign-up bonus!


If Drop isn’t for you, check out these apps I use or the other ways I make money online!


Do you think Drop is a scam? Have proof it’s legitimate; I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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Sheree - November 29, 2017 Reply

I like that! I shop a lot online. So it would be nice to get cash back on purchases. I initially say someone on Facebook referring people to try this new app. But at times I am hesitant towards money making posts on Facebook. I am happy I found your review.
I also wanted to know what percentage on purchase does one gets back?

    Brok - November 30, 2017 Reply

    Hey Sheree! Thanks for reading my Drop review. Glad you found my review, it’s always best to check out several reviews of the companies/apps/sites you see advertised on Facebook. I would say most aren’t worth using. 

    To answer your question, depending on the store you’ll earn 2-10 points per $1 spent. So you’ll be earning 2%-10% cash back at most of the participating stores. 

    Hope this helps!


Lola - February 27, 2018 Reply

Get 1000 free Drop points on me! Use my code eub00 to start earning cash rewards. ?✨


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