Is The Yaarlo App Legitimate? My Review


Yaarlo is an app that pays you to shop. They offer several ways to earn, such as buying gift cards, scanning your receipts, and shopping online. Today I’ll cover the Yaarlo app in this review.

I prefer the Ibotta app because you can make more by scanning receipts, so make sure to check it out. With that being said, Yaarlo is a legitimate app that you can use to get paid to shop!

In this review, I’ll cover how to earn, how to get paid and prove that the Yaarlo app is not a scam.


Yaarlo App Review

yaarlo app review is it a scamApp: Yaarlo

Type: Rewards/Shopping

In this Yaarlo app review, I marked them legitimate, but it’s not my favorite app out there. I prefer the Ibotta app over Yaarlo any day. The earning potential is much higher when it comes to the shopping/scanning receipt portion.

With that being said, Yaarlo is completely legitimate, offers several ways to earn, and has a decent rewards system.


How To Make Money With Yaarlo

Gift n Earn: Yaarlo will pay you to purchase gift cards. You can earn up to 10% cash back on gift card purchases. Swagbucks does the same thing and pays much more!

Shop n Earn: Yaarlo pays you cash back to shop at your favorite online retailers, I prefer Ebates, but Yaarlo works too. They pay up to 20% cash back at some of the most popular online retailers.

Scan Receipt: Yaarlo pays you to scan receipts from grocery stores, retail stores, restaurants, gas, and personal services. You’ll earn points based on the type of receipt and how much you spent. You can earn up to $.50 per receipt! If you scan grocery receipts, you can make more with the Ibotta app.

Refer A Friend: The easiest way to make more at Yaarlo is through the refer a friend program. You’ll earn $1 for every friend that you refer, and they’ll receive $1 just for signing up with your link!

How Does Yaarlo Pay?

Yaarlo has several reward options all starting at $25 including PayPal payments and gift cards to Amazon, Walmart, Starbucks, and much more. PayPal payments are sent with 72 hours of cashing out, and gift cards are sent to your email.

Yaarlo App Complaints

High Cash-Out Amount

I really wish that you could cash out much sooner than $25, but with Yaarlo it’s going to take some time to reach the cashout amount. Of course, if you make some big online cash back purchases it won’t take that long, but most of us won’t be spending that much money, and you only earn a few percent.

You Can Make More Else Where

I’ve mentioned a few alternatives throughout this review, and that’s because they are better than Yaarlo. Check out my recommendations over Yaarlo:

Paid to scan receipts: Ibotta

Paid To Shop Online: Ebates

Paid To Buy Gift Cards: Swagbucks

All of the sites listed above can make you more than the Yaarlo app so make sure to check them out!

Is the Yaarlo App A Scam?


The Yaarlo app is not a scam; it’s a completely legitimate app that pays you to shop online, buy gift cards, and scan receipts. With that being said I prefer other sites over Yaarlo.

If you’d like to learn more you can download the Yaarlo app on your device and enter the code: BROK339 to earn a $1 sign-up bonus.

If you’re interested in my recommendations, check out Ibotta to earn for scanning receipts, Ebates for online shopping, and Swagbucks for gift card cash back.


Don’t forget to check out the top rated apps I recommend.

Do you think the Yaarlo app is a scam? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this review in the comments section below!

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sch - July 27, 2017 Reply

Yaarlo has disappeared! I have over $25.00 in receipts on my account. They do not reply and the app in accessible. Any help would be appreciated!

victoria rejuney - September 18, 2017 Reply

they removed their website, app, and all social media accounts. there is no way to contact them about money they owe.

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