Cookie Cash Tap App Review: Free Money Or Scam?

Cookie Cash Tap App Review Is it A Scam? The Cookie Cash Tap App is something I came across recently in the app store. So I thought I’d check it out and write a review of this money making app. From what I found this doesn’t look like a reasonable way to make money on your smartphone.

I’m not going to say it’s 100% a scam, but it looks like there’s a lot of complaints about this app and that people are having problems getting paid.

In this Cookie Cash Tap App Review I’ll show you how it works, how they pay, and the complaints I have with this app.

Cookie Cash Tap App Review

App: Cookie Cash Tap 

Type: Viewing Ads

Score: 1/5

In this Cookie Cash Tap App Review I gave them a bad score for a few different reasons. First off just tapping the screen to earn taps to exchange for gift cards seems like a pretty easy way to make money, but you’ll be shown quite a few ads and there’s limits on how many taps you can earn in one day.

The second issue is getting paid, the process is pretty drawn out and difficult, just to get a $15 gift card. There’s been reports of people struggling to get paid, but a few others say they have been. Either way this is not an app I recommend.

How Does Cookie Cash Tap Work?

Earn Taps A Few Different Ways

Earn taps by clicking the cookie, watching videos, and sharing the app with your friends on social media.

Reach The 1 Million Taps Mark

Continue to earn taps until you reach the 1,000,000 taps mark. At that point you can exchange your taps for a $15 gift card.

Redeem Taps For $15 Gift Card

Exchange 1,000,000 taps for a $15 gift card to PayPal, Amazon, and a few other options.

How To Earn With Cookie Cash Tap

Cookie Cash Tap App Review Click The Cookie For TapsClicking the Cookie

The main way to earn with Cookie Cash Tap is by clicking on the cookie in the middle of the screen. Each click counts as one tap and is taken off your tap balance, until you reach 1 million. This is by far the easiest way to earn taps and how you’ll have to earn most of your taps.

Watching Videos

You can watch videos to earn 200 taps at a time. You’ll be shown a 15-30 second video (ad). Once the video is over you need to interact with the text ad to get 200 taps.

Sharing On Social Media

Cookie Cash Tap will pay you to share on social media. You can earn 300 taps for sharing a link on Facebook or Twitter. You can also earn points for writing a positive review in the app store.


The last way to earn taps is through offers. If you’re familiar with apps like Swagbucks, you’ve seen offers before. Basically you’ll get paid to sign up for free services or download an app. These usually pay around 1,000 taps.

How Does Cookie Cash Tap Pay?

Once you reach the 1 million tap mark you can exchange these taps for a $15 gift card. The gift cards include PayPal, Amazon, Facebook, and Play Station Network. To receive your payment they need your full name, address, and government issued ID. If you’re under 18 you’ll need to get additional information from your parents before getting your payment.

They say payments can take several weeks to be verified and received.

Cookie Cash Tap Complaints

Daily Limit

When I first came across the app I was hoping that you could just watch TV for a few hours, use the app, and come pretty close to the million tap mark. Well that’s not the case because they put a 20,000 tap daily limit.

This means you’ll actually need to use the app for 50 days to reach the million tap mark, assuming that you reach the daily limit each day. This makes this app pretty crappy in my opinion. Using an app an hour for 50 days to earn $15 doesn’t seem worth it.

Fake Positive Reviews

If you came across the app in the app store you probably thought, well damn this app must be awesome. There’s hundreds of fake 5 star reviews of this app because they pay you taps for writing a positive 5 star review. If you really look at them you’ll see that most say, just started hoping this works or just started but they paid to write a review.

When you dig deeper into the reviews you’ll see that most of real reviews are actually 1 star and complain about the app not working.

Problems With Payments

This goes right along with all the fake positive reviews. After searching through the actual reviews you’ll see that there’s many people who’ve complained about not getting paid. I’ve included a screenshot below of someone not getting paid.

Cookie Cash Tap App Scam

Now there seems to be a few real reviews with people that did get paid, but I’d say with all the limits and issues this app is not worth trying out.

Is Cookie Cash Tap A Scam?

The Cookie Cash Tap App is not an app I recommend. I found that most people were saying that they were not getting paid, so I think this is pretty much a scam, but there’s a few people saying they did get paid. Since there’s so many fake reviews I’m assuming these must be fake too, but I’m not 100% for sure on that.

My recommendation would be just stay away from this app. It’s going to take you 50 days to earn $15 anyways, so it’s not that awesome. Might as well avoid any payment issues and stay away from this app.

But if you’d like to try it out, you can download the app in your mobile device’s app store. If you agree that this app isn’t worth the time, check out some of the apps that I recommend.

Have you used the Cookie Cash Tap App? Have proof it’s a scam? Let me hear your experience in the comments below!

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TheDopestMatrix - December 6, 2015 Reply

Now what I want to know is how clicking the cookie is suppose to make any kind of difference? And 1 million? Hell to the no! Im not wasting all that time tiime for fifteen bucks… better yet a gift card! I think just actually getting out there online and creating something that makes money is going to be the best thing you can do!

Matt TheDopestMatrix

    Brok - December 7, 2015 Reply

    Hey Matt thanks for the comment. Yeah it’s a pretty big effort just to get a $15 gift card. I’d recommend basically any other app over Cookie Cash Tap.

    You can see most of the apps I recommend here.

    Hope this helps,


bidnesslady - August 25, 2016 Reply

Hi, Brok. Thank you for this scam-alert! When I come across new apps (websites too) I always read the reviews before I bother downloading new software to my devices. Most times you can tell a review is fake when the dates are out of order. We know everything is digital now, so if dates aren’t correct, the review is fake. The big red flag is always users complaining about not receiving payments. No one wants to spend their time expecting a reward that was never coming. I plan to share your review on my Facebook and Twitter pages. Thank you for the info. 🙂

trish - May 10, 2017 Reply


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