gRateFriends App Review: Scam or Cash For Your Opinion?

gratefriends app reviewI recently came across an app with a lot of hype called gRateFriends. If you’re not familiar, this app pays you to give your feedback about business in your area. You’ll get paid to rate, leave a review, take photos, and take surveys about businesses.

How gRateFriends works is a bit confusing, so I decided to write a review to make it more clear. I’ve had many readers ask if this site is a scam, so I’ll also see if you can actually make money with this app.

In this gRateFriends App Review I’ll cover how it works, how you’re paid, how to earn more, the complaints I have, and if this app is a scam!

gRateFriends App Review

App: gRateFriends

Type: Opinion

Score: 2.5/5

In this gRateFriends app review I gave them an okay score. Overall the app is decent, I do have some complaints with the app, mainly with how earnings are calculated and how much you get paid for providing your opinion.

Right now the app is not extremely popular so you could make money with this app, but to me there’s better apps out there to make money with.

If you enjoying giving feedback on businesses near you, you’ll probably enjoy this app because you will get paid some cash for leaving your reviews. I personally do not use this app, but if you’re going to give feedback you might as well get paid for it!

How Does the gRateFriends App Work?

gratefriends app legitimateOnce you download the gRateFriends app you’ll see a list of businesses near you that you can give feedback on. There’s 4 ways to earn points per business, I’ve listed them below with how many points each pays.

  • Smiley Rating = 3 points
  • Provide Feedback = 3 points
  • Take A Photo = 1 point
  • Take A Survey = 4 points

gratefriends app scamYou can complete each task for every business near you, so you can earn 11 points per business. But there’s some restrictions for rating businesses which I cover next.

  • Only Rate 6 Businesses A Day
  • Only Rate 1 Business Every 10 Minutes
  • Only Rate the Same Business Once Per Day
  • You Must Be Within .25 Mile From Business When Rating

As you can see there’s some limitations on what businesses you can rate and how often. The whole point is for businesses to get your feedback after visiting the business. Not to get fake feedback from people who’ve never or not recently visited the business.

After you’ve earned some points it’s time to get your money, next I’ll cover how the payment system works….

How Does the gRateFriends App Pay?

Okay stick with me, as you review businesses you’ll earn points for sharing your opinion. At the end of each month gRateFriends sees exactly how much money they’ve earned from stores paying to hear your opinion. They then see how many points they’ve handed out for you and other giving your opinion of local businesses. They then divide their earnings out over all the points that they handed out for that month. For example if they earned $100 and they gave out 1000 points, each point would be worth $.10 (it seems a realistic number is less than $.01 per point).

At the end of the month your points will be converted into cash, but you’ll need to earn at least $10 before you can get paid (earnings roll over each month till you earn $10). Which brings me to how you get paid.

Once you earn $10, gRateFriends will send you a pre-paid re-loadable visa card. After reaching $10 you should receive your card within 4-6 weeks. From now on your earnings will be loaded on to your card around the 5th of the next month.

gRateFriends App Referral Program

gRateFriends does have a referral program that matches all the points your friends earn. For example, if you invite a friend and they earn 100 points from rating, reviewing, uploading photos, and taking surveys, you’ll also earn 100 points.

The more points you earn the more cash you’ll receive each month when they divide up the points.

You can also invite businesses to join the program, I can’t find any information on how much you earn, but I’m assuming it’s either a flat up front amount or a percentage of what the business spends on getting feedback.

gRateFriends App Complaints

Not Sure How Much a Point Is Worth

I’m not a fan of how the point system is set up at gRateFriends, I really wish that you knew exactly how much you’re getting paid per point. I guess I understand why they’re doing this, but when you add in how confusing the pre-paid visa card is, the whole payment structure seems to be a huge mess.

If you really want to use this app I guess you have to deal with it, but it seems like a bigger headache than it’s worth.

$3 Inactivity Fee

First off, I hate that the only way you can get paid by this app is through the visa card, but if for some reason you do not use the card for 90 day (assuming you have money on the card) you’ll be charged a $3 inactivity fee.

It does say that if your balance is less than $3 your balance will just go to $0, so you’ll never owe money. It still sucks that if you have $1 left and are waiting for your next payment, that you might lose money in the process.

5 Star App Reviews

At this time the app is not popular so there’s not many reviews in the app store, but if you visit the reviews you’ll see that they’re all 5 stars and positive. If you take a closer look it’s just people trying to get you to use their referral code. The referral program is honestly really good, so watch out for the app store reviews and any other review you see on the internet. It may just be someone trying to take advantage of the referral program.

Is the gRateFriends App A Scam?

The gRateFriends app is not a scam, if you provide feedback you will get paid for the points you earn. With that being said, this is not an app I recommend. I have a lot of complaints with this app and the whole payment system is messed up in my opinion.

It’s a cool idea for an app, but I think it can be set up much better. If you’d like to learn more or to join you can visit the app store and download the app from there. I personally do not recommend this app so no need to enter my referral code.

But if you also think this app is a bit messed up, take my recommendation and check out some of the other apps that I use to make money. You can also see an app that’s earned me over $500.

What’s your thoughts on the gRateFriends App? Think it’s a scam? Let me hear what you think in the comments section below!

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