Palfish Teacher App Review: ESL Tutoring Job

Learn How You Can Make Over $10 an hour ESL tutoring on your phone with palfish! No experience needed. Payments made via PayPal!Here at Extra Cash App I’m always sharing easy ways to make money with your smartphone. One way to make money with your phone is through ESL tutoring. There are a few ESL tutoring apps out there, but my favorite is Palfish.

There’s a bit of an application process, but as long you’re a native English speaker you should be eligible to teach.

In this Palfish Teacher app review, I’ll cover the application process, how tutoring works, and if this app is a scam.

Palfish Teacher App Review

App: Palfish

Type: ESL Tutoring

Verdict: Legitimate

Out of all the ESL tutoring apps, Palfish seems to be my favorite. That’s why I marked it legitimate in this review. What I like is the application process is simple, and you do not need any experience to start chatting with ESL students.

You get to set your rate, and most tutors make over $10 an hour, just by chatting. I’ve been paid via PayPal a few times already, so it’s a good side gig as long as you’re comfortable chatting with students.

How Does Palfish Work?

Application Process

The first step is to download the teacher app on your phone. The only way to do so is by visiting You can select your country code, and they will text the link to your phone number.

Once you have the app installed, you need to complete your profile. Which includes a good photo, name, gender, written bio, and recorded bio. The bio should include information about you, hobbies, and any experience.

After you complete your profile, Palfish will review it to make sure you’re a good fit to tutor for them. It usually takes a few days to hear back. Once they accept your profile, you can start tutoring!

Set Your Rate/Schedule

Once you’re approved as a tutor, it’s time to set your rate and schedule. You set your rate in Yuan. One Yuan is equivalent to $.15. The average tutor has an hourly rate of $13, but you can set it between $5-$45.

As a new tutor, keep your rate low until you build up some positive feedback.

After you set your rate, fill out your schedule to give students an idea of when you’re available. Note that students can schedule tutoring sessions in the time frames you set, but you can also use the app at any time outside your set schedule.

Start Tutoring

Once you have your rate and schedule set it’s time to start tutoring. Wait for your first scheduled tutoring session or log on at any time and see if any students want to chat.

You’ll get paid by the minute, even though you set your hourly rate, it get broken down by the minute, and you’re paid at the end of each tutoring session.

How Much Does Palfish Pay?

Palfish makes payments via PayPal or Alipay. There’s no minimum cash out amount, and as mentioned, you get to set your own rate per tutoring minute. You set your rate in Yuan and it’s converted to your local currency. For the US 1 Yuan is close to $.15.

Palfish pays monthly on the 1st-5th of the month. So your August earnings are paid on the 1st-5th of September.

Is the PalFish App A Scam?

The PalFish App is not a scam, I’ve done a few hours of tutoring and have been paid for my time. I have to say ESL tutoring is not for me, but you might be much better at it.

If you have any interest, I highly recommend visiting to get started. At least fill out your profile and try a few tutoring sessions. If you find it’s not for you, you’ll still get paid for the few tutoring sessions you complete!

Once you join, you’ll be able to send me direct messages through the app. If you have any issues or questions, make sure to reach out!


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Are you a Palfish Tutor? Think this app is a scam? I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments below!

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