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Learn More About Making Money By Taking Video Surveys At ProductTube!One of the most popular ways to make extra cash online is through surveys. With the advancement in technology, mobile surveys are now very popular. Something that is starting to catch on is mobile video surveys. One app to use is called Product Tube.

The Product Tube app pays you $10-$20 a video survey for giving your opinion about products and stores. I decided to write a review because I’ve been using this app for a bit now, and it’s a really easy way to make some extra cash.

In this review I’ll cover how Product Tube works, how to earn, how to get paid, and the complaints I have with this app.

Product Tube App Review

product tube app reviewApp: Product Tube

Type: Video Surveys

Score: 4/5

In this Product Tube Review I gave them a really good score because I’ve been using this app for a while and you can make good money taking these short video surveys. When I first heard that they pay $10+ a survey I thought it would take a long time to complete each, but most videos will be under 5 minutes long.

There are a few variations on the type of video surveys you can take, but each one is really easy and all you need to do is give your opinion.

Overall it’s a great app that gives you a good pay rate for your opinion!

Product Tube Projects

How Product Tube Projects Work?

Once you’ve joined Product Tube you’ll start to receive project invitations. Projects do fill up quickly so make sure to accept it right away, if you plan on completing it. You’ll have 48 hours to complete the project once you accept.

Make sure to review all requirements and either go in store or do the project at home.

Your video should only be 2-5 minutes long, but you do need to answer all the questions they lay out for you. No need to edit your video just record it and upload it all inside the app!

Once you submit your feedback, Product Tube will review, approve it, and release payment within a few days.


The video surveys you’ll take with the product tube app are called projects. There’s two different main types of projects. I’ve done my best to cover each in detail below:

At-Home Projects

These projects are completed at home. These projects are usually looking for your opinion of a product, they occasionally might make you go out and purchase a product before creating your video.

In the video you’ll be asked a few questions about the specific product and to give your opinion. Record the video on your phone and upload it all inside the app.

In-Store Projects

These projects are done in stores. The Product Tube app can track your location (if you allow it) and they’ll send you in-store projects based on stores near you. These projects are usually much different than at-home projects.

For in-store projects companies are interested more in your purchase decision process rather than what you think about a particular product. You’ll record your shopping experience and explain why you choose a product over another.

How Does Product Tube Pay?

Most Product Tube Projects pay from $10-$25. At this time the only way to get paid is via Amazon Gift Card. You’ll get paid with a few days of completing a project.

Amazon Gift cards are sent directly to your email and can be applied to your Amazon account gift card balance.

Product Tube App Complaints

Lack Of Projects

Just like surveys, you won’t qualify for every project available on Product Tube. You’ll only receive invitations to projects that you’re already approved for or are in your location. For this reason, there’s a lack of projects available for everyone.

From what I’ve found, I’ve received 1-2 projects per week for the few months I’ve been using the app. There’s no way to sit down and knock out videos for projects all day and make a huge income. Projects are only available every once in a while.

Better Be Quick

The next complaint is that there’s a limited number of spots for each project. If you want to make sure to guarantee your spot in a project, you really need to respond to a project invitation as soon as you possibly can.

Once they have the required number of users in a project it will be closed and no one else can join. There’s a limited number of projects and if you’re not quick you won’t make it into the projects they send you!

Is Product Tube A Scam?

I’ve been using the Product Tube App for a few months now and I have completed a few at home video surveys. I was pretty surprised how easy it was to make the videos and meet all the requirements they asked for. The pay was good and it didn’t take me much time at all.

If you’re comfortable in front of a camera I’d highly recommend checking out the Product Tube App.

If you’re not comfortable recording yourself, the Product Tube app is not for you! But here’s some other great apps that don’t require you to be on camera!

Have you used the Product Tube App? Think the Product Tube App is a scam? 

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