Review: Mobile Surveys Or A Scam? App Review: Is It A Scam? is an app that pays you to take surveys on your phone. In this Review I’ll be seeing if this app is a scam or a good option to take surveys on your phone.

The app is completely free and is available on Apple and Android devices. Personally my favorite app to take surveys with is Swagbucks, but I’m interested to see how compares.

In this review I’ll cover how taking surveys works, how to get paid, and decide if this app is a scam or a legitimate way to take surveys on your smartphone. App Review review is it a scam or legitimateApp:

Type: Surveys

Score: 3/5

In this Review I gave them an okay score. I’ve been using the app now for a bit and I have to say that it’s very easy to take surveys inside the app, but I do have some complaints.

When I first joined there were many surveys to do. Since completing all of those surveys, there hasn’t been many surveys coming in. Unfortunately I’m yet to reach the cash out amount because of this issue, but I’ve enjoyed taking the surveys available to me since joining.

Overall, a pretty good survey app, but I feel like there’s better survey apps out there.

How To Earn At review taking surveysThe only way to earn money with is by taking surveys, I know not a surprise. When you join the app you’ll see a full list of surveys available. You can see what the survey’s about, how long it will take to complete, and how much it pays.

I really like how easy it is to take surveys with the app, they’ve really set up the surveys to be mobile friendly.

Most surveys do have screening questions, so there’s no guarantee you’ll qualify and get paid to complete the survey.

From what I’ve seen, most surveys pay from $.10-$50. I’ve seen a few that have paid more, but most will fall into this range.

After taking a survey you’ll answers will be approved and earnings will be added to your account within a few hours.

How Does Pay? pays via PayPal once your account reaches $7.50. You can cash out your earnings at anytime.

Now on their website there’s a support ticket that says that payments will take up to 30 days to receive. This thread is from 2013 though, so I’m not for sure if this has changed. Hopefully so because waiting 30 days for payment is ridiculous. Complaints And Concerns

Slow Payments

One of my biggest complaints with the app is the super slow payments. On their website it says it can take up to 30 days to receive your payment! To me that is crazy especially when the cash out amount is just $7.50.

There’s proof of people actually getting paid by this app, but looks like you’ll be waiting for a while to get paid. In my opinion slow payments is a pretty good reason to not join this app. You might as well find an app that pays quick.

Where Are The Surveys

The biggest complaint in the app store reviews is not many surveys. It seems that I qualify for most surveys that I take, but there’s a lack of available surveys. When I first joined there was quite a few surveys available, but since there’s only been a few here and there.

When you factor in most of the surveys I’ve been receiving are very short and only pay $.10-$.50, it’s going to take forever to reach the cash out amount.

Not Qualify For Surveys

Now this has not been an issue for me, but there’s a lot of complaints of getting kicked out of surveys. People say that they get a few questions into surveys and get kicked out. Pretty much they’re not qualifying for the survey.

A few app store reviews say they aren’t paid anything for their time, but I can’t find anything that says you get paid when you don’t qualify for a survey, so this is not really an issue in my opinion.

Is A Scam? is not a scam, there’s proof of members getting paid, but it’s probably not the best option to get paid to take surveys on your mobile device. I think if you use the app and take all the surveys they send you, you’ll eventually reach the cash out amount.

I’m pretty concerned about how long it may take to receive payment, like I mentioned the support ticket was a few years old, but I’m assuming the 30 day waiting is still going on.

In my opinion, there’s better mobile survey apps out there. But if you’d like to try you can visit their website or download the app in the app store.

Personally I prefer the Swagbucks app to take surveys, but take a look at all of the apps I recommend.

Do you think is a scam? Are they paying faster now? 

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Jessica - December 8, 2015 Reply

I have not had experience with the mobile app, but I have joined the online version of some survey companies. What I don’t like about many of the ones out there is that they make you buy something just so you can be entered into a drawing for a chance to win something. This may or may not be a scam but why would I waste my time and money in the hopes that I might actually make some money. But I do agree that once you join sites that pay in cash, the surveys dry up. I haven’t been able to take one in weeks. It doesn’t seem like it is worth my time to me.

    Brok - December 8, 2015 Reply

    Hey Jessica thanks for the comment and checking out my review. I agree the survey sites that just give you sweepstakes entries are all crap.

    I haven’t seen it with all, but there’s a few survey sites and apps that do have problems with surveys drying up over time.

    But that’s not the case with all. Check out some of the survey apps I recommend. These are probably the best survey apps that you’ll ever find!

    Thanks for the comment Jessica


Tom Funke - August 8, 2017 Reply

I Currently work for out of Boston MA, live in north central Idaho. It seems to me too that they are not necessarily a scam or fraud like some say. But it’s a real pain in the ass when they never respond to messages about current survey visits or late payments. The CEO gets richer while the wage slaves get poorer. This year 2017 they came up with yet another asinine payment policy. It’s still a minimum amount of $7.50 to request a payment. I have had no problems with that as the surveys pay $8.00 – $30.00 per visit. What pissed me royally off is they say the 1rst, 10th and 20th monthly are pay days. Then they take their sweet ass time paying those who have requested payments even on time or well in advance of the pay date cut off time lines. I’ve had to wait almost 60 days to get paid, do they pay yes but only when they damn well feel like it. They don’t even take out taxes either, were really snippy when I asked about that and w4 or i9 forms when first working back in February of this year 2017.

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