Voice Polls App Review: Easy Cash For Your Opinion

Voice Polls App ReviewVoice Polls is an app that lets you answer questions and ask questions on your smartphone for cash. From what I’ve seen this is very similar to a site called Instant Cash Sweepstakes, but it’s all done inside the app.

You won’t earn cash for every question you answer, but the more you participate the more cash you can earn. I’d like to get it out there that this won’t earn you much money, but if you’re active and like the social aspect of the app, you’ll find this app fun and can make some extra cash for your opinion.

In this Voice Polls App Review I’ll cover how it works, how you’re paid, and show this app is legitimate.

Voice Polls App Review

App: Voice Polls

Type: Surveys

Score: 3.5/5

In this Voice Polls App Review I gave them a pretty good score. This app is a fun little way to get your opinion out there and ask community members questions. You can make money with this app, but only on sponsored surveys. You won’t get many sponsored surveys that earn you cash, so I say you’d have to like the social aspect of the app to make this app worth using. I do have a few complaints about the app, like not getting paid for every answer, but overall it’s a fun way to make some money.

As long as you know it’s not much of an income, you should be happy sharing your opinion on the Voice Polls App.

How To Earn Money With Voice Polls

Let me first say that in this section I’m going to cover some of the things you can use the Voice Polls app for, but you’ll only get paid for sponsored surveys or the “earn coins” surveys.

Sponsored Surveys “Earn Coins”

Voice Polls App Is it a Scam? Since this is the only way to get paid, I thought I’d cover it first. The first step to getting paid surveys on the Voice Polls app is heading over to the categories and clicking on “earn coins” you can see a a screenshot on the right.

Once you click this category there’s going to be some screening questions to answer. You may luck out and get a survey right off the bat, but most members will not. After you fill out the screening questions in this section, you’ll be notified when paid surveys become available.

Just so you know, the sponsored get coins surveys are longer then just one question usually. They usually don’t take very long though, compared to some of the other surveys you might be used to online.

If you get a sponsored survey, make sure to take it because it’s the only way to get paid for giving your opinion with the Voice Polls app.

Answering Polls

Voice Polls App Give Your Opinion For Cash! The next way to use the app is by answering polls and giving your opinion. This way does not earn you coins for cash, but you need to be active to get the most paid surveys possible. Answering polls gives you one credit that can be spent on asking polls and for others opinions.

You can see an example poll on the right. As you can see it’s usually an easy question with a yes or no answer, multiple choice, star rating, or number range answer.

It just takes a few seconds to answer and you’ll earn 1 credit which can be used to ask a question.

Asking Questions

The next way to use the Voice Polls app is by asking questions and getting others opinion. It cost 25 credits to ask a questions which you can earn by giving your opinion. Again this method does not earn you any money, but you need to be active to get the most surveys possible.

You can ask anything you’d like, upload an image, and fill out the answers.

Asking questions gives you feedback, usually gets you followers, and can help you gain access to more paid surveys.

How Does Voice Polls Pay?

As you earn coins from taking sponsored surveys you can exchange them for cash. Voice Polls offers two forms of payment, PayPal and Venmo. Both options start at a $5 minimum. Once you reach $5 you can cash out at anytime.

It says that most payments are processed within 48 hours.

How To Earn More With The Voice Polls App?

Although Voice Polls isn’t going to earn you much money and you don’t get paid for every answer, other then sponsored surveys, there’s some tips to earn more. First off, fill out your profile completely. This means picture bio and the other information it requires.

The next tip is to be active inside the community. Stay active by answering questions, asking questions, commenting, and following others. Members who are active receive more paid sponsored surveys.

If you fill out your profile completely, stay active, and go to the “get coins” category and answer the questions. You’ll have the best chance of making the most money possible on Voice Polls!

Voice Polls App Complaints

Not Paid For Every Answer

Probably the biggest complaint with Voice Polls is that you’re not paid for every opinion you give. The only answers you’ll get paid for are sponsored surveys that they send you. These surveys come from companies paying to get opinions from members on the app. There’s quite a few companies asking questions, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be chosen to give you opinion and get paid.

This site won’t pay you very often, so it has to be something you enjoy doing.

Small Extra Income

This goes right along with the first complaint. You’re not going to make much money with the Voice Polls app. It’s just an extra income and the time you spend on the app will not be profitable. To find this app worth your time, you’ll have to enjoy commenting,  giving your opinion, and asking questions.

Is Voice Polls A Scam?

The Voice Polls App is not a scam, but it’s not a big money maker either. To make this app worth using, you’ll really have to like the social aspect of the app, being able to share your opinion, and getting answers from other members.

There’s not going to be much incentive for using the app, other then some sponsored surveys that you might receive. But if you like sharing your opinion you can learn more by downloading the app or joining at VoicePolls.com.

Personally I prefer to get paid for every opinion I share. You can see some survey apps that do this at the Apps I Highly Recommend!

If you’ve been paid by the Voice Polls App or think it’s a scam, let me hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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Billy Hunter - December 6, 2015 Reply

Hi there!
I really appreciate the time and effort it must have taken to create this review. You literally saved me from spending a lot of time on this app. I have heard about it in the past. I never saw a review on it before but I am glad I came across this one. You were very descriptive and the images were perfect thank you!

    Brok - December 6, 2015 Reply

    Hey Billy glad I could help. That’s one reason I wanted to review the Voice Polls app. There wasn’t any other reviews out there really. The only ones that I could find just had the information you can see when you go and download the app in the app store.

    Hopefully this helped you get a better understanding of the Voice Polls app and how it works!


Viljoen - December 20, 2015 Reply

I really like the fact that you do not have to wait until you have $20 in order to cash out. Most of the survey companies do not pay via Paypal so this is a bonus.

How many polls will you get per day after you join this company and how much does each one pay?

    Brok - December 21, 2015 Reply

    Hey Viljoen,

    There’s an unlimited amount of polls available, but those do not pay. The only time you’ll earn money is when you get a sponsored survey/poll. Payment amount really depends on the length, but I’d say most pay from $.50-$2.50. With some paying a bit more.

    Hope this helps,


Margaret - January 24, 2016 Reply

I have been doing surveys for years and I do make a bit of money but I have never heard of voice polls before. Is this only available in the US? You have described the app and how to use it very well and I do like the idea having my say. I just wonder could this app lead you to wasting a great deal of your time without giving you much money to show for it?

Michelle - February 22, 2016 Reply

Hi Brok

This sounds like a really easy way to get distracted in your daily life lol. It sounds typical of sponsored surveys, paying pennies for your valuable time, effort and energy.

I can see it been useful for certain topics you are curious about. But you would really have to weigh the time you spend on the app vs the money you actually make. 50. – $2.50 is not a lot! Thanks for sharing

Kind Regards


    Brok - February 23, 2016 Reply

    Hey Michelle glad you took the time to read my review and to share your thoughts. I agree that this app won’t make you much, and I really wish that there was income from answering other peoples polls and not just sponsored polls.

    I personally do not use this app, but some people may enjoy the social aspect and it’s just an added bonus that you earn cash when answering sponsored polls.

    Again thanks for reading!


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