1Q App Review: Scam or Legitimate $.25 Per Text Message?

One of my most favorite apps to use is called 1Q, I’ve actually been using this site for a long time, but they just recently got an app that’s pretty awesome. I decided to write a quick 1Q App Review because there’s some people thinking it’s a scam, but I’ve actually used the app and know it’s legitimate.

The 1Q app will actually pay you $.25-$.50 for every text/poll you answer for them.

In this 1Q app review, I’ll cover how it works, how you you’re paid, how to earn more, complaints, and show you proof they actually pay!

1Q App Review

App: 1Q

Type: Paid To Text/Polls

Available: Apple/Android

Score: 4.5/5

In this 1Q app review I gave them a very good score. I’ve been using this app for a while now, and there’s no easier way to earn $.25. Yes I still do have some complaints with this app, but overall it’s a great way to make some extra cash.

Keep on reading to learn how to sign up and get started with the 1Q app.

How Does  The 1Q App Work?

Sign Up For 1Q

The first step is to sign up for 1Q. It’s much easier to sign up directly on their website, and then they’ll prompt you to download the app once your account is ready. It’s extremely easy to sign up, just enter in your name, email, and phone to get started.

Complete Your Profile

Once you sign up you’ll need to complete your profile. Similar to a profile on a survey site, you’ll be asked about demographics, household, and employment.

You need to do this so 1Q knows what polls to send you!

Verify Your Phone

The next step is to verify your phone number. You will have to enter in your phone number, but this information is not shared. 1Q will send you a 6 digit pin that you can enter in when prompted.

1q phone verification

1q app review is it a scam or legitimateReceive Polls Inside The App

Once you’ve joined and verified your phone number you’ll start to receive polls directly to the app. Each poll has a question and 4-5 answers.

All you need to do is select your answer and click submit!

Get Paid Via PayPal!

Once you submit an answer you’ll receive $.25-$.50 instantly to your PayPal account!

Join 1Q Now!

How Does The 1Q App Pay?

I know that I’ve covered this a bit already, but the 1Q app does pay via PayPal. Once you respond to a text/poll you’ll get $.25-$.50 sent directly to your PayPal account.

From what I’ve heard your PayPal account does need to be verified to receive payments.

How To Earn More With The 1Q App!

The best way to earn more with the 1Q app is by referring your friends. The program is very simple, you’ll receive $.25 for every friend that you refer.

Once they sign up you’ll get $.25 sent directly to your PayPal account.

1Q App Complaints

Where Are The Polls?

The biggest complaint people have is that they do not receive enough polls. From what I’ve found I usually receive around one poll a week, but there’s occasionally more. They say that the maximum they will send you is 2 a day.

It’s similar to surveys where you have to meet the criteria that companies are looking for. If you don’t, then that poll will not be sent to you. Like I said I receive around 1 per week, but you could receive more.

Small Income

Obviously signing up for 1Q will not make you rich… you’ll be earning $.25 per poll you respond to, so it won’t be more than $5-$10 a month.

To me it’s worth it because it only takes a second to respond and you get paid via PayPal instantly, but some others may not agree.

Is the 1Q App A Scam or Legitimate?

Overall the 1Q app is pretty awesome in my opinion and I don’t see a reason not to join. Even though it won’t be a huge income, you’re getting paid $.25 to spend a few seconds answering a poll, and you get paid instantly.

I’ve included payment proof below just so you know it’s legitimate:

1q app payment proof

If you’d like to learn more or to join visit 1Q.com to get started signing up!

If you’re interested in making some more extra cash.. check out some of the other apps I recommend or online sites I make money with.

Do you think the 1Q app is a scam? Thoughts on my 1Q App Review? 

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Ariel Baradarian - February 10, 2016 Reply

Cool app! I do think that for people with a minute or two on their hands, or during a lunch break, this is definitely a great way to earn small cash on the side.

Especially since you get a quarter for each question, it makes it more enticing than doing and actual survey and waiting for the $ to come in a few weeks.

    Brok - February 12, 2016 Reply

    Hey Ariel,

    Thanks for taking a look at my 1Q App Review, I agree, this won’t be a huge income, but it takes a few seconds to respond to a poll so the time invested is well worth the $.25.

    I probably wouldn’t recommend this app, but since payments are instant to your PayPal account, there’s really no reason not to try it out.


Kim - February 10, 2016 Reply

Hi Brok, well I must say, as I was reading this I’ll I kept thinking was this has got to be a scam, and who would sit around all day reading text and clicking on an answer. But as you pointed out you would only get one to two a day, and what, it takes a few seconds to respond. So yea, I guess why not, a little bit of money is better than no money.
What will people think of next, LOL

    Brok - February 12, 2016 Reply


    Thanks for reading my review, and yeah I understand. I’ve came across a few “paid to respond to text” programs and my first thought was they had to be complete scams.

    Luckily this one is not and is a small time commitment, so might as well use it to make some extra cash.


Bart - July 14, 2017 Reply

Use my referral link!

More $ - September 21, 2017 Reply

This 1 pays.
Refferal link below:

    Brok - October 3, 2017 Reply

    It is completely legitimate thanks for sharing.


vrimee - October 12, 2017 Reply

I installed this app recently. It is a legit app and pays instantly. The only drawback is we don’t get enough questions. Only one per week. Is it available for all countries?

    Brok - October 12, 2017 Reply


    Glad you tried 1Q! I think you can sign up no matter what country you’re in but keep in mind it’s like surveys where they’re looking for a certain demographic so some countries may get very few polls.


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