Toluna Surveys App Review: Scam or Legitimate Surveys?

Learn How You Can Make Money With The Toluna App Taking Surveys, Polls, and Testing Products! I’ve been doing some research on survey sites that have apps that allow you to take mobile surveys. I found a site that I have used before called Toluna Surveys and decided to download the app and write a review to see if it was a scam.

I know that Toluna is legitimate, but I wanted to see if the app was worth taking mobile surveys on. From what I found the app does have some major issues, so if you’re looking for mobile surveys Toluna might not be the best option for you. I recommend checking out Swagbucks.

If taking mobile surveys isn’t a necessity, Toluna still might be worth checking out

In this Toluna Surveys App Review I’ll cover how to earn, the reward options, and complaints I have with this app.

Toluna Surveys App Review

Toluna Surveys App ReviewApp: Toluna Surveys

Type: Surveys

Score: 2/5 

First off, let me make it clear that Toluna is a survey site that’s legitimate and will pay you, but the app that they’ve put out is pretty crappy.

In this review I’ll cover details of Toluna that apply to both the website and the app, but most of the complaints I have will be with the app.

If mobile surveys are what you’re looking for, Toluna is not the best option, but the website version is much better than the app.

How To Earn At Toluna

Toluna Surveys

As with moth survey sites, Toluna offers many different surveys at one time. When you first join Toluna, there’s quite a few surveys that you’ll get paid to take to complete your profile.

After those surveys, Toluna has many surveys that you can try to qualify for at anytime.

Most of the surveys available pay from 1500-3000 points.

Get Paid To Answer Short Polls With The Toluna Surveys App Toluna Sponsored Polls

On the Toluna app you will see some polls available for you to answer. Most of the polls are created by other users and do not earn you any points, but can still be a fun way to kill some down time.

Occasionally you’ll receive a sponsored poll. These polls actually pay you points for your opinion.

You’ll earn 15 points for every sponsored poll that you answer. You can see an example of one to the right!

Toluna Referral Program

Toluna does have a referral program that can help you earn more. For each friend that you invite that completes their profile, you’ll earn 500 points.

You can share on social media and they also have a link that you can post on your website.

Test Products

This feature is not available on the mobile app and you don’t actually earn any points, but I still thought I’d cover it.

Toluna does have products available to test, you can apply on the website, it’s similar to qualifying for a survey. If you do qualify, they will send you the product, you give them feedback, and you get to keep the the product!

Toluna Surveys Rewards

Toluna Surveys has a point system that allows you to earn points and exchange them for gift cards. Most gift cards start at $10 or 30,000 points. Some of these gift cards include Petco, Bread Co, Kohls, Gap, Redbox, Starbucks, and a few other options.

More popular gift cards such as Amazon, Walmart, and a few others start at $25 or 75,000 points.

Personally I prefer cash, the only cash method to get paid is via PayPal. PayPal payments start at $30 and cost 90,000 points.

They do also offer sweepstakes where you buy entries to win gift cards and products, but I don’t recommend using your points for a chance to win something.

Toluna Complaints & Concerns

App Issues

Inside the app you can take surveys, answer polls, and even create your own polls. With that being said there’s some complaints about the app that many people have come across.

First off, if you’re looking to take surveys on the app you may have some issues. At this time the surveys aren’t really set up for mobile. It’s basically just a window that the survey appears in, just like on the website. Most of the other survey apps have it set up differently, which makes it very easy to take surveys inside the app.

Toluna Rewards

Personally, I’m not a fan of sites that use point systems, especially when the points are for weird amounts. If you remember 30,000 points gets you a $10 gift card.

I also do not like that the more desirable gift cards don’t start until higher amounts. For example, Amazon starts at $25 instead of $10 and you can’t get cash until a $30 PayPal payment.

Most likely you’ll end up taking a $10 reward that you don’t really want, just so you can spend your points and reach the cash out amount sooner.

Is Toluna A Scam or Legitimate?

The Toluna app is a completely legitimate way to take surveys on your mobile devices. I do have some complaints with this site and app, but it seems that the website version is much better then the app.

You can still use the app to make money on this site, but if you’re looking for true mobile surveys, this is not the best app for you.

If you’d like to give Toluna a shot, you can learn more or join at

If mobile surveys are what you’re looking for, I highly recommend Swagbucks or one of the other apps on this list.

Do you think the Toluna App is a Scam? Let me know your thoughts on my Toluna Review in the comments below! 

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Win Back Your Ex Comments - March 2, 2016 Reply

I have to say I have never been keen on these survey sites as in the past I have tried them and been left very disappointed.

I always find that there are limited surveys that become available to you and when the do arise the pay is nothing of a reward. Sometimes 20 or 30 minutes of your time for a couple of bucks!!

Is this Toluna Surveys any better?



    Brok - March 2, 2016 Reply


    The answer is simply no, it’s legitimate, but Toluna surveys aren’t any quicker than any other sites surveys. When you take into the rewards for Toluna it’s not really a site or app I recommend.

    Swagbucks is one of my favorite apps, but again, basically all the apps you’ll find that make you money are just extra income.

    Hope this helps


Boniface - March 2, 2016 Reply

Hi Brok
That’s an eye opening post and thanks for it. I’ve never had much success with survey sites and that partly has had before to do with geographical location. Does Toluna or the App limit people go certain countries or is it globally accessible to all? Thanks for for the dedication you are showing on your site to help us choose only legit online Income sources.

    Brok - March 2, 2016 Reply

    Thank you for checking out my Toluna Review. Toluna is actually one of those survey sites that accept and have international members.

    They aren’t worldwide by any means, but they do accept members in many countries.

    This may be worth checking out!


Toluna Team - June 2, 2016 Reply

I’m sorry you’ve had issues with our app. The app is undergoing enhancements to improve the survey experience, and we’ll be adding more features over the coming months such as the rewards center, test products and more. If you have any direct questions or concerns for us please feel free to contact us by using the contact button at the bottom of our website.

    Brok - June 16, 2016 Reply

    Thanks for contacting me Toluna, once you make some updates with the app reach out and I’ll give it a try again. Taking surveys on your site is completely legitimate, so I’ll change the review if the app is improved!


jacob blocker - December 21, 2016 Reply

I used Toluna and I have to say its way too slow. After struggling, I found another website similar and got right on. Luckily, I have over $600 and ihad no regrets at all. Just easy polls, answering question was all I had to do. Comparing both I was amazed of how much I made. Try it and good luck 😀

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