Acorn Hunt App Review: Is It Legitimate?

Acorn Hunt App Review: Is it A Scam Or LegitimateAcorn Hunt is an App that pays you to complete offers, watch videos, take surveys, and check in at stores near you. I decided to write this Acorn Hunt App Review because there’s some mixed reviews in the app store.

The Acorn Hunt App is available on Apple mobile devices including iPhone and iPad.

Today I’ll cover how to earn with the Acorn Hunt App, how the app pays, and the complaints I have with this app.

Acorn Hunt App Review

App: Acorn Hunt

Type: Rewards App

Score: 4/5

In this review I gave Acorn Hunt a pretty good score. Overall it’s a good app to use to make money taking surveys, completing offers, and watching videos. Personally I prefer Swagbucks over Acorn Hunt, but Acorn Hunt is still a very good app.

There’s been a few complaints about the app, but most have to do with problems after updates being released. Since I’ve been using the app I haven’t had any problems. Overall, a good app to join to make some extra cash on your phone.

How To Earn Acorns

The currency inside the Acorn Hunt app is called acorns. You can earn acorns a few different way, I’ve covered them all below.

Acorn Hunt App Review: Get paid to complete offersOffers

There’s a few different options to complete offers on the acorn hunt app. The different offers are separate because they’re hosted by different companies. Offers include signing up for free websites, downloading apps, purchasing products, watching videos, and occasionally giving your opinion.

Most of the Free offers pay around 50-200 acorns and most paid offers pay around 1,000 acorns or more, depending on how much you have to spend.


In this section you’ll get paid to watch videos. Most of the videos are around 30 seconds long and are ads for apps.

If you watch a video and download the app after you can earn even more acorns.


Acorn Hunt offers surveys provided by Peanut Lab, a very popular and respected survey provider. You’ll have to fill out some additional information before taking surveys, but once you do, you’ll have access to 10-20 surveys a day.

Most surveys pay around $.50-$1.50 and can take up to 30 minutes to complete.

Daily Polls

Each day you’ll have the option to answer the daily poll. Each poll consists of 2 questions. You’ll earn 4 acorns for answering the daily poll.

It’s an easy way to share your opinion and earn guaranteed acorns each day.

Acorn Hunt App ReviewStore Check Ins

The last way to earn is by visiting stores near you. If you click on the “work” tab you’ll see a full list of locations near you. You can get paid to just check in at a store near you or to purchase a certain product.

Either way it’s an easy way to get paid while shopping like you normally would.

How Does The Acorn Hunt App Pay?

The only way to get paid by the Acorn Hunt app is through PayPal. You can cash out via PayPal once your account reaches $10 or 10,000 acorns.

You can cash out a PayPal payment right inside the app, payments usually take less the 48 hours. There may be a fee taken out of the PayPal payment.

Acorn Hunt App Referral Program

Acorn Hunt App Review Referral ProgramAcorn Hunt does offer a referral program that can be pretty lucrative.  You can invite friends via email, text, and social media with your link or just give your friend your referral code: BWEBB5, if you join with this code you’ll earn a $.50 bonus when joining.

Not only does your friend get a $.50 bonus, but you’ll earn 10% of their earnings for the first 20 days they use the app.

There is a limit of up to $50 per referral, but most likely you’ll never have to worry about reaching that limit.

Acorn Hunt App Complaints

Offers Provided By Other Parties

It seems that more apps and make money sites are just using 3rd party offers. This really isn’t a huge deal, but it can lengthen the time it takes to get credit and make it harder to get an offer credited if there’s a problem.

Luckily all the offers, videos, and surveys are provided by respectable companies, so you should have no problem.

Not Getting Credit

There’s some complaints about not getting credit when download apps for acorns. I’ve used a few apps that pay you to download apps and this always seems to be a problem. Most of the apps you download give you credit, but there’s always a few that don’t work.

It does look like there’s a place to report an offer that didn’t credit, so you should be able to get the problem fixed if you have one.

Problem With App Updates

Many reviews in the app store complain about problems with the app when a new IOS update comes out. It looks like they usually get it fixed pretty quickly, but it’s really annoying when an app doesn’t work.

I haven’t had any problems yet, but know there’s been problems in the past when new updates come out.

Is the Acorn Hunt App Legit or A Scam?

I have to say that Acorn Hunt App is completely legitimate. There’s nothing about the app that says it’s a scam, but like always, I do have some complaints about the app.

Overall it’s a pretty good way to get paid to complete offers, take surveys, and watch videos on your phone. I personally prefer Swagbucks, but Acorn Hunt is still a great option!

To join or to learn more you can download the app in your device’s app store. Enter the code BWEBB5 to earn $.50 just for joining!

If Acorn Hunt isn’t for you, here’s some other apps that I highly recommend.

Do you think the Acorn App is Legitimate or a Scam? 

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Click Here to Leave a Comment Below - December 7, 2015 Reply


Glad I stumbled across your post because, I have recently come across acorn apps and was curious to find out whether it was a genuine opportunity or not.

I found the complaints section useful too, at least you were showing both positive and negative sides to the opportunity in a way that reflects integrity.

Great post – thanks for writing it.


    Brok - December 7, 2015 Reply

    Thanks for the comment and I’m glad you found my Acorn Hunt Review helpful.

    I always like to lay out the complaints with the app, gives the reader a heads up on what to expect once they actually start using the app.

    Thanks for stopping by


Roopesh - December 7, 2015 Reply

Hi there.
This does sound very interesting.
For me, the most important thing to consider here is TIME.

I often ask myself, whenever I am confronted with a business opportunity one question, ‘Is the time spent going to be worth it or not?’

I don’t mind putting the time and effort into Acorn Hunt.I feel if I spend 3hours and earn $9.00, I personally feel that it is not worth it.

Do these guys have any country restrictions?

I am in South Africa.

    Brok - December 7, 2015 Reply

    Hey Roopesh,

    You’re right about the time factor. Unfortunately there’s not really any apps that are going to make you a ton of money for your time and pretty much all apps are just extra income.

    To answer your question about location, this app is not available in South Africa.


Luke - January 22, 2016 Reply

Hi Brok,
Sounds like an easy way to earn some extra cash, but time consuming!
It’s good that they are a legitimate company though, unlike a lot of the scammers out there.
How much time would you estimate you’d need to put it to earn say, an extra $100 per month?
Might be something worth trying while sitting in front of the TV or at boring work meetings!
– Luke

    Brok - January 22, 2016 Reply

    Hey Luke,

    I honestly don’t know if you’d be able to make $100 a month with this app. I’m thinking more of a $10-$20 income if you put some time in it.

    Thanks for reading my Acorn Hunt Review and hopefully this clears it up.


Jason - January 31, 2016 Reply

I went through this entire survey and app thing years ago. The one thing I have noticed is that all the scam sites and apps have been weeded out and shut down or simply have such bad reviews that nobody bothers with them. I happen to investigate these for a living and I find the transparency in your review to be quite honest. You give the good as well as the bad. I like that and I plan to check this out.

Dave - March 8, 2016 Reply

This site revolves around Apps that are geared towads earning an income online. The content is written is written for your average reader and easy to understand. I found no spelling errors,and most of the content is gramatically correct. The tiltle “All Make Money App Reviews” was a bit confusing. It read prettty strange to me. Other than that the other content was written well. My overall opinion is while the majority of the content was written decently, it did not give me any “WOW” effect. Basic and to the point reading.

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