Boom Gift App Review: Is It A Scam?

There's 6 Different Ways You Could Be Making Extra Cash On Your Smartphone with the Boom Gift App!
One of my favorite ways to make money with my smartphone is through reward sites that pay you to do many things. The Boom Gift App is one of the more popular rewards app that pay you to download app, complete tasks, watch videos and invite your friends.

There’s some complaints that others and I have with the Boom Gift App, but I’ll cover them all in this review and see if it’s legitimate or just another scam!

Boom Gift App Review

App: Boom Giftboom gift app review is it a scam

Price: Free

Score: 3/5

Overall, Boom Gift is a pretty good app that pays you to do a variety of things on your mobile device, but I do have some complaints with this app, and others do as well.

I’ll cover them in greater detail, but it seems that some people have trouble getting paid after their first cash out.

Other then this concern the app seems to be pretty easy to use and the members who’ve been paid are satisfied.

How To Earn: Boom Gift App

How To Earn With The Boom Gift App TasksSupersonic Task Center: You’ll find apps to download, free tasks, paid tasks, and videos in this section. Most of the videos pay 1 coin, free tasks pay 10-50, apps pay 25-250 coins, and some paid tasks pay over 1000 coins.

Fyber Task Center: These tasks seem to have a mixture of videos and apps to download for cash. Most of the videos just pay 1-2 coins, but downloading the apps available pay from 50-200 coins.

Daily Rewards: You can earn 2 coins a day by just opening the app and clicking on the daily rewards. I believe the reward gets bigger the longer the streak you have going gets.

Watch Videos: You’ll earn 1 coin for every video you watch. Videos are really 30 seconds ads for apps. Just click on Watch Video to start the process.

Social Task: This section gives you 2 coins for following Boom Gift on their different social media accounts. 2 coins for each account you follow.

Spreading Task: Get paid to spread the news of Boom Gift on social media. You’ll get 5 points for sharing on Facebook or Twitter.

How Does Boom Gift Pay?

Boom Gift App RewardsThere’s a few different reward options inside the Boom Gift App. The different gift cards available are Amazon, PayPal, Steam, Google Play, Xbox Live, and iTunes.

The lowest cash out amount is a $3 Amazon Gift Card costing 1500 coins and most other payments start at $5 or 2500 coins.

Gift cards are sent directly to your email within 24 hours of cashing out a reward.

Boom Gift Referral Program: Referral Code

Boom Gift does have a refer a friend program that can be pretty lucrative. It’s actually one of the higher paying referral programs that I’ve seen on any app.

You can get referrals by sharing a link on social media or by having members enter in your referral code.

Just for signing up through you they’ll earn 5 free coins and you’ll earn 30% of their lifetime earnings through the app.

My referral code is: e9c1077, if you’d like to use it to get some free points when joining.

Boom Gift Concerns & Complaints

So here’s the big complaint about the Boom Gift App. There’s been reports that members use the app and get their first payment just fine, with no problems.

But once they reach the cash out amount again they can not redeem another payment. For some reason they get an error saying that the email is not valid.

It doesn’t seem like this is happening to everyone, but’s something you should be aware of.

The only other real complaints have to do with not getting credit when downloading apps, once in a while. In my experiences you’ll always have a few offers that don’t work, it’s just part of it. It does look like they have a place to contact support if you do have issues.

Is the Boom Gift App A Scam?

I honestly don’t believe that you can call the Boom Gift App a scam, but there’s proof of people having problems getting paid. It doesn’t seem that everyone’s having the problems but for those who do the first payment goes through fine. It’s the next cash outs that they’re having problems with.

I’ve done my best to inform you of what’s going on with this app, but the choice is yours. I don’t really feel like it’s worth the risk. I’d rather invest my time on an app that will pay me more then once.

They don’t have a website, but you can learn more on their app store listing, or just download the Boom Gift app and enter the code: e9c1077, to earn some free coins just for joining.

If you don’t think Boom Gift is worth the risk, check out these Awesome Apps I Recommend.

Have you used the Boom Gift App? Let me hear your experience below!

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Gina - December 3, 2015 Reply

Hmm I’ve never heard of the Boom Gift App. I’m always looking for extra ways to get free Starbucks gift cards since I like to work from there. Is Starbucks an option for gift cards for this app, or is it only the several you mentioned?
If not, it’s still worth a try for some Amazon gift cards. I get plenty of items from there. Thanks for the review.

    Brok - December 3, 2015 Reply

    Gina thanks for the comment.

    Starbucks is not an option for payment, it seems that a lot of sites and apps offer it, but here it’s Amazon, PayPal, iTunes, Google Play, and Steam.

    Hope this helps and thanks for reading my review!


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