Ipsos I-Say Survey Panel Review: Legit or Complete Scam?

Ipsos i-say app review is it a scamYou know that I’m all about making money with apps and I just found a pretty cool survey and poll app called Ipsos I-Say.

They do have a computer version where you can take surveys and polls, but they also offer an app that allows you to take surveys and unlocks a few extra ways to earn.

In this Ipsos I-Say Survey Panel Review, I’ll cover how it works, the rewards, how much you can really earn, and if this app is legit or another scam.

Ipsos I-Say Survey Panel Review

App: Ipsos I-Say

Type: Surveys

Score: 3/5

In this I-Say Surveys App Review I gave them a decent score. This is not my favorite app to take surveys with for a few reasons, but overall it’s a decent app to use.

The rewards are a bit limited until you reach the higher cash out amounts, but they do have rewards starting pretty cheap.

I personally prefer Swagbucks over I-Say, but Ipsos is still a pretty good option for taking surveys on your smartphone.

How To Earn at I-Say

I-Say does have a few social features such as taking and making your own polls, but that’s not really going to earn you any money.

The real way to earn cash at I-Say is through taking surveys. You can always see what surveys are available to take on your smartphone.

It shows how many points it pays, how long it should take, and what the survey is about. Occasionally you’ll find some surveys that require you to record a video or your voice. These surveys usually pay more.

Before you take a survey that pays you, you’ll need to qualify for the survey. If you’re not familiar, you’ll be asked a few general questions to make sure you meet the demographic they are looking for.

If you do qualify, you can begin to take the survey to earn points towards rewards.

Ipsos I-Say Rewards

i-say app reviewIpsos does have a few different ways to get paid. My favorite way to get paid is via PayPal. PayPal payments do not start until $15.

They have other gift cards available such as Amazon, Walmart, and many others starting at $5 or 500 points.

From what I’ve seen most gift cards and PayPal payments are sent within 72 hours.

Quick note that the $15 PayPal payments cost more than 1500 points as you would guess, at this time they cost 1530 points to cover the fee.

Ipsos I-Say Refer A Friend

If you’d like to earn a bit of extra cash you can take advantage of the refer a friend program. You can refer anyone that lives in the same country as you that’s at least 18.

You’ll receive 100 points ($1) for every friend you refer, once they complete their first survey.

Ipsos Loyalty Program

Another way to earn a bit more cash is by taking advantage of the loyalty program. You’ll basically be earning bonuses for taking surveys. For example you may earn 50 points for completing 10 surveys. The more surveys you complete the bigger the bonus.

Program runs from January 1st-December 31st, so all the surveys you take in the year time frame count towards bonuses. When a new year starts bonuses start over too.

Ipsos I-Say Complaints

Lacking Reward Options

I do like that they offer PayPal as a form of payment, but PayPal doesn’t start until $15 and it costs more points than a normal $15 gift card.

They have Amazon gift cards, but other than that the gift card options are a bit limited.

They do have sweepstakes, but I’m not really a fan of putting my rewards to chance. I’d stick with the $5 Amazon gift card if you don’t want to wait to reach the $15 PayPal gift card.

App Login Troubles

I actually ran into this, when you join they will want your email, but when you go to log into the app they want your username. You have to go into your profile settings and create a username before you can log into the app.

Even after creating a username it might not work for a couple of hours. It’s a pretty big pain in the butt, but the mobile app will not let you log in under your email.

Is Ipsos I-Say A Scam or Legitimate?

Ipsos I-Say surveys is not a scam, it’s a completely legitimate way to take surveys on your smartphone. I really wish the good rewards started at a lower dollar amount, but overall it’s a decent app to use.

If you’d like to learn more or to join visit I-Say.com. It’s much easier to join on their website so just head there to get started.

If I-Say doesn’t sound like the app for you, I highly recommend Swagbucks or one of the apps that pay me!

Do you think the I-Say Surveys App is a Scam? Let me hear your experiences with the app below in the comments!

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John a pilgrim - March 15, 2017 Reply

Its hard to choose just one reason I quit them. I’m sick of their bullshit scams. I will be reviewing their site to the review sites. I’m sick of agreeing to do a 90 point survey, then 10 minutes into it, they say “ok, you qualified”, then you ask 20 minutes of questions and almost everytime they all of a sudden say “sorry, you don’t qualify” or “the study is not available, but here’s 5 points”, were not stupid, we just did a 30 minute survey for 5 points (that won’t buy anything). I’m also sick of answering the same 10 questions, store my answers. questions like zip code, how many people live in my house, their ages, male or female, adults….. damn, everytime, just save that information. your points don’t buy anything. I use alot of survey sites, and the good ones send me a $5 amazon card for EVERY survey. your BS gives me one for doing 50 surveys!!! Do not join this site, Horrible!

    Brok - March 15, 2017 Reply

    Thanks for sharing John and sorry to hear about your bad experiences with the site.


Sam - August 13, 2017 Reply

IPSOS had a year long mystery shop in which you were required to have a specific phone plan in which you pay first of course and then eventually IPSOS would reimburse you…or so they say.I was reimbursed for the first 6 months no problem and now they refuse to pay my for the balance owed.
I was never told the shop ended prior to the posted shop instructions that stated: You will keep the plan going for 12 consecutive months April 2016 to April 2017 and now they claim I breached my contract by claiming emails were sent to me or I failed to do something. I even have payment pending in the history log and they refuse to pay me. IPSOS claims that the plan was changed and the study ended without any notification in Dec 2016. If a shop ends early it is the responsibility of IPSOS to notify and pay for any outstanding fees incurred due to no notification and/or early termination fees!
We all know mystery shop dates change and it is up to the company to let us know the updates and have them posted as an update on the assignment instructions! I am out $800, because I was on a one year contract. I only had this plan for the IPSOS study and of course they did not have me on a cheap plan. They even had their attorney contact me to scare me off and he did not even have the correct study dates on his letter.
I had to email him the original job instructions and dates. summitscheduling.com was part of this nightmare as well. Anyone have any suggestions on how to collect this money from IPSOS.
Just found out through other posts that the client did actually cancel their contract with IPSOS and IPSOS failed to notify their mystery shoppers.I have been told that I am not the only one who was not paid!
Review about: Ipsos Customer Care.
Reason of review: Poor customer service.
Monetary Loss: $473.
Preferred solution: Full refund.
I didn’t like: Fraud, Failed to properly post updates on shop portal, Uses their in house attorney to scare shopper to prevent payment, Client cancels contract with ipsos and they hide it, Ends mystery study with no notification to shoppers.

Sam - October 1, 2017 Reply

IPSOS still has not paid for the completed shop. They are still hiding behind their in house attorney. There seems to be a pattern after reading several postings of IPSOS non payment for shops completed! I even pleaded with IPSOS after Hurricane Harvey hurt and I am now desperately in need of some money to make repairs and of course IPSOS refused to even respond. IPSOS should be ashamed of themselves!

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