Is PaidViewpoint A Scam? Mobile Surveys Review

Learn How To Get Paid To Take Surveys At PaidViewpoint!One of my favorite survey sites is PaidViewpoint. I decided to write a review of PaidViewpoint, but at this time they do not have an app to take surveys.

PaidViewpoint surveys are all very short multiple choice answer questions, so although there’s not an app, the surveys still work extremely well on the browser of your phone.

PaidViewpoint is not a scam, I’ve actually been paid by them many times and have made over $300 the last few years with this survey site.

In this PaidViewpoint Review I’ll show you how it works on your mobile device, how they pay, the complaints I have, and prove this site is not a scam!

PaidViewpoint Surveys Review

App: PaidViewpoint 

Type: Surveys

Score: 4.5/5

In this PaidViewpoint Review I gave them a very good score, again they do not actually have an app, but they send you emails when surveys are available and they are very mobile friendly once you open them on your phones browser.

The key to PaidViewpoint is that they only send you surveys that you’re qualified for. If you’ve ever taken surveys, you’ve probably answered questions and then were told you did not qualify.

With PaidViewpoint you’ll never get kicked out of a survey because you did not qualify! For that reason alone this is probably my favorite survey site!

How Does PaidViewpoint Work?

Trait Surveys

The first way to earn at PaidViewpoint is called trait surveys. They have something called a trait score, that I’ll cover later, but it’s basically a measurement of how consistent you are with your answers.

These trait surveys are 10 questions long. They are all multiple choice and it usually takes 1-2 minutes to complete a trait survey.

For your time you’ll earn $.10 for every trait survey that you answer (some countries pay less).

Taking trait surveys will increase your earnings and trait score, which eventually leads to more Sponsored Surveys and higher pay for taking surveys!

Sponsored Surveys

The next way to earn at PaidViewpoint is called Sponsored Surveys, these are a bit different then trait surveys, because they won’t raise your trait score, and vary in length and pay. These Sponsored Surveys are not long, most take under 5 minutes to complete, I think the longest one I ever took was 10 minutes.

Most Sponsored Surveys pay anywhere from $.50-$3. I think the highest payment amount I’ve seen was like $3.47 for a survey that took about 10 minutes to complete.

Sponsored Surveys are going to help you reach the cash out amount much faster because the pay outs are much higher then trait surveys.

Trait Score

When you join PaidViewpoint you’ll see a bar for earnings and trait score. Trait Score is the measurement of how consistent and active of member you are at PaidViewpoint. Your Trait Score can range from 0-10,000.

Once you reach a trait score of 9,000 you’ll be considered one of PaidViewpoints top members and get paid a 10% bonus on all Sponsored Surveys.

Paidviewpoint trait score

Raising your trait score is key to earning more at PaidViewpoint and you can do so by taking all the surveys they send to you, giving accurate and consistent answers, and referring friends!

How Does PaidViewpoint Pay?

PaidViewpoint pays via PayPal only. Once your account reaches $15 you can request a PayPal payment at anytime. What I really like PaidViewpoint is that they will pay you your full earnings, not just the $15.

Once you request a cash out you’ll receive your PayPal payment within 48 hours, but I usually get paid within 12-24 hours.

PaidViewpoint Payment Proof

I’ve been using PaidViewpoint now since 2014 and have been paid many times. Here’s proof of payment straight to my PayPal account.

Proof that PaidViewpoint pays you to take surveys

Join PaidViewpoint

PaidViewpoint Referral Program

PaidViewpoint does have a referral program that can help you earn more. You’ll earn 20% of all your referrals earnings with a limit of $25 per referral. There is one catch to the program, you do not earn your referral earnings until they cash out their earnings.

There is one way around this called the VIP program, once you reach 100 referrals you can apply to become a VIP member. The major advantage is that you get your referrals earnings “on the fly” meaning as soon your referral earns money you earn a percentage. I’m part of the VIP program, but remember you need 100 referrals, which will be unachievable for most people who don’t have a website or other means of getting referrals.

PaidViewpoint Complaints & Concerns

Lower Pay For Some Countries

The only real concern I have with PaidViewpoint is that it’s available to any country that PayPal is available, which is great. But from what I’ve been told some countries don’t get paid as much as the US members.

For example I get paid $.10 for every trait survey, a few people have commented on a YouTube Video Review I made and said that in their country they only get $.05 per trait survey.

I’m not 100% what countries this applies to or if you get paid less for sponsored surveys, but it’s something to be aware of.

Is PaidViewpoint A Scam?

PaidViewpoint is not a scam, it’s a legitimate survey site that I’ve been a member of for a few years now. I personally think PaidViewpoint is the best survey site because they only send you surveys that you’re already qualified for.

Just like all survey site apps, PaidViewpoint won’t be a huge income, but as you raise your trait score you can make some good cash each month taking short surveys.

If you’d like to learn more or to join visit, remember they do not have an app, but the surveys are mobile friendly!

If PaidViewpoint isn’t for you, here’s some other apps I highly recommend using.

Do you think PaidViewpoint is a scam? I’d love to hear your thoughts on my review below!

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francois - June 1, 2016 Reply

I get 0.3 cent per survey

    Brok - June 16, 2016 Reply

    Hey Francois,

    What country are you located in? I know that some countries only pay $.03 I don’t know if it’s everywhere outside the US or just some couturiers. I’m assuming US, UK, CA all get paid $.10.

    Let me know what country you’re in and I’ll try to do some more digging.


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